Pillow and cross stitch.

One year ago, I finished cross stitch from my favorite Janlynn's sets, one week ago cross stitch was transformed to the lovely pillow. You can see it left on the picture.

On the edges of the cushion was sewn into lace that made pillow a part of country's style.

Pillow with anchor was made by using a new material - vliesofix. That was nice experience, pre-cutted applique was ironed on the vliesofix and then was ironed on the pillowcase after removing paper from vliesofix. I finished anchor's decor with putting stitches upon the edges of design, down of stitches is cotton threads for knitting.   Have a sweet dreams.

Pillow with hats is part of the competition on http://www.dotcomsformoms.com, you can submite your projects untill 31/08/2012

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